About us

Chickie nails was founded in October 2020 and is located in Houston, Texas. We are a small family owned business who is mostly run by the founder. Since we are a smaller direct sales company we do not have employees working in our warehouse, we rely on our amazing reps to promote for us and help get our name out there. 

All of our nail wraps apply and stretch easily for a salon manicure at home. Prep and after care is the key to making our nail wraps last. To prep we suggest pushing back cuticles, removing any extra cuticle and cleaning the nails with alcohol or nail polish remover. After you apply your wraps please do not use water, oil or lotions for 2-3 hours to make sure the wraps fully set to your nails. Making sure the excess of the wraps is completely off and not on cuticles will help prevent premature lifting and chipping. To remove our wraps you can use your favorite nail polish remover. When in stock we include two alcohol pred pads, a nail file and wooden cuticle stick. 

We ship ALL items from Texas and there will never be anything that is up for preorder. If it is in stock on the website, it is in stock!